Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender 2 - View GPS Status

Nota Notas:

  • If a stable GPS signal is not detected, the GPS antenna cable should be installed (see Temas relacionados).
  • Para obtener mejores resultados, coloca el extensor de red en una ubicación elevada cerca de una ventana, y luego ubica la antena GPS horizontalmente (con las letras GPS hacia arriba).
  • A minimum of four satellites are required to provide a GPS location fix.
  • If the steps listed do not resolve your setup issue, test your Network Extender at a friend or family members location.

  1. From the Network Extender Admin, click About About icon (on the left).
    Nota Si necesitas asistencia, consulta Access Network Extender Admin.
  2. To view the current satellite data, click GPS.
    About GPS with four good satellites

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