Apple Watch® - Switch Paired iPhone®

If you want to pair your Apple Watch with a different iPhone, view this info.

Nota Notas:

  • Unpairing your Apple Watch with your current iPhone erases the Watch content and resets it so you can pair with another iPhone.
  • Since you cannot use your Apple Watch when not paired with an iPhone, wait to complete this process until you are ready to begin using your new iPhone.
  • Before completing the steps below, verify:
    • your Apple Watch is actualizado to watchOS 6 or higher.
    • your Apple iPhone is actualizado to iOS 13 or higher.


  1. Before pairing your Apple Watch with a new iPhone, backup the iPhone to iCloud or iTunes.
  2. Back up and unpair your Apple Watch from your current iPhone.
    Nota When you unpair, your Apple Watch is erased and powers off then back on again.
    Nota If you are keeping your watch paired to the same mobile number, backup your current iPhone and transfer contents to the new iPhone.
  3. Tap the Watch app on your new iPhone.
    Nota A pairing animation should appear on the watch; if not, it needs to be manually reset. To do this on the watch, navigate: Settings > General > Reset.
    Nota If you see an 'Activation Lock' screen, your Apple Watch is linked to an Apple ID; enter your login info to continue.
  4. Tap Start Pairing on the watch and the iPhone.
    Start pairing buttons
  5. Center the iPhone over the pairing animation on the Watch until 'Your Apple Watch is Paired' is displayed.
    Nota If the pairing animation isn't displayed or the iPhone doesn't read it, tap Pair Apple Watch manually.
    Pairing viewfinder
  6. Once you receive confirmation of successful pairing, tap one of the following:
    • Restore from Backup
    • Set Up as New Apple Watch
      Nota If setting us as new, follow the on-screen prompts to select on which wrist Apple Watch is worn and the orientation of the buttons.
    Paired success
  7. To continue, read the Terms and Conditions then tap Agree.
  8. Tap OK to enable your Watch to share settings with your iPhone.
    Nota These settings transfer from the Watch to the iPhone and back. If a setting for these services is changed on one device, it applies to both devices.
    • Location Services & Find My iPhone
    • Siri
    • Analítica
  9. En el iPhone, elige si quieres establecer o no una contraseña para el reloj.
    Nota Funciones como Apple Pay requieren una contraseña.
    • Crear una contraseña
      1. Establece una contraseña usando el reloj.
      2. Selecciona una opción para elegir si el reloj se desbloquea con el iPhone.
    • Add a Long Passcode
    Create Passcode
  10. If desired, tap Continue to enable Apple Pay on your watch; if not, tap Set Up Later in the Apple Watch App.
    Create Passcode
  11. Tap Continue to enable Emergency SOS.
    Nota When it's connected to your iPhone, you can press and hold the side button on your watch to request emergency services.
  12. Toca Continue (Continuar).
    Nota Keep the Watch and the iPhone close together until you receive the alert that syncing is complete then tap Continue or OK if prompted.
  13. Tap OK to open the Watch app.
    Open Watch app


Nota If you are pairing with an iPhone on a different mobile number and setup fails, go to My Verizon; follow estos pasos to switch the device (iPhone) with which you are sharing. Then repeat the steps above to pair and activate.