Activar/desactivar VoiceOver - Apple® iOS

If you are having difficulty seeing items on your device's screen and would like to have them spoken, follow these instructions.

Nota Notas:

  • The VoiceOver feature allows for screen items to be spoken; screen gestures control what's selected:
    • Tap once to select an item.
    • Double-tap to activate the selected item.
    • Swipe using three fingers to scroll.
  • For additional VoiceOver steup instructions, refer to Apple Accessibility.


  1. Desde la pantalla de inicio, ve a: Settings (Configuración). Ícono Settings > General > Accessibility.
  2. Tap VoiceOver.
  3. Tap the VoiceOver switch (upper-right) to turn on interruptor on o desactivar interruptor off.
    Nota If prompted with a pop-up, double-tap OK.
    Nota Adjust the rate of speech with the Speaking Rate sliding bar.


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