One Talk Portal - Edit Group

  1. Entra a My Business.
  2. Click Manage Account.
  3. From the Product Tools section, click One Talk.
    Nota To navigate, mouse over each option.
    Click One Talk link
  4. Click Manage groups.
    Manage groups
  5. From the 'Manage Groups' tab, click Edit.
  6. Edit the group name, time zone, extension length (2 to 6 digits) and group dialing prefix (2 to 6 digits).
    Nota Changing the extension length automatically modifies all existing group extensions to use the last number of digits of the phone number.
    Nota Dialing within the group does not use the dialing prefix, it is only used when dialing across groups.
    Nota Extensions, inclusive of Virtual On Network extensions, can’t be duplicated across groups unless you assign a group dialing prefix to those groups.
    Editar un grupo

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