ASUS ZenFone™ V - Google™ Backup and Restore

  1. Desde la pantalla de inicio, ve hasta: el ícono Apps Ícono de la aplicación > Settings Ícono Settings > Backup & reset.
  2. Tap Back up my data.
  3. Oprime el botón Back up my data (Respaldar mis datos) para activar Interruptor en On o desactivar Interruptor en Off.
    Nota If set to off, existing backups are deleted from Google's servers.
    Nota Tap the Back icon Ícono Atrás (upper-left) to return to the Backup & reset screen
  4. When set to on, ensure the appropriate account is listed in the Backup account field.
    Nota To change the backup account:
    1. Tap Backup account.
    2. oprime la cuenta deseada.
  5. Tap the Automatic restore switch to turn on or off.