Moto Actions - Activation and Use

Nota Notas:

  • Use Moto Actions as an alternate way to navigate between screens.
  • Moto Actions remove the default navigation icons (i.e., Back Ícono Atrás, Home Ícono de inicio, Recent Recent icon.)
  • For a tutorial, from the Moto app navigate: Touch ActionsOne button nav > Show me how.





  1. From Apps, tap Moto Moto app icon.
    Nota If prompted, tap start and view the introduction.
  2. Tap Moto Actions.
  3. From Moto Actions, tap One button nav to turn it on Icono On.
  4. Tap 'Try it out' and follow the on-screen tutorial or tap Back to exit.






Gesture Acción Navegación
Quick touch Moto touch nav home action Go home Ícono de inicio
Longer touch Moto touch nav lock action Lock the screen
Touch & hold Moto touch nav assistant action Open the Google app to see your feed or to search
Swipe from right to left Moto touch nav back action Regresar Ícono Atrás one screen
Swipe from left to right Moto touch nav recent apps action See list of recent apps Recent icon