Arlo Go - Insert SIM Card

Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues/errors.

Nota No intentes insertar una tarjeta SIM mientras el dispositivo esté encendido. Si lo haces, puedes dañar la tarjeta SIM y/o el dispositivo.

  1. Ensure the camera is disconnected from the power adapter.
  2. Open the battery door.
    Nota Press and hold the latch (located on the top edge) then rotate the door down.
  3. If present, remove the battery as shown.
    Nota Utilizing the notches on both sides, pull to remove.
    Quita la batería
  4. Insert the SIM card into the slot as shown (gold contacts facing up, notch in the upper-right).
    Nota Ensure the card slides into place.
    Inserta la tarjeta SIM
  5. If applicable, insert the battery as shown.
    Nota Asegúrate de que los conectores de la batería se alineen con los conectores del dispositivo.
    Insertar la batería
  6. Close the battery door.
    Nota Rotate the door up and ensure it locks into place.
    Close battery door

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