LG Exalt® LTE - Add a Browser Bookmark

  1. En la pantalla principal, selecciona Menu.
    Nota Usa el dispositivo de navegación de 5 direcciones para resaltar y el botón central para seleccionar.
    5-way Navigation Pad
  2. Select Internet.
  3. Navigate to a website.
    1. Press the right soft key softkey to choose Options.
    2. Select Search/enter address.
    3. Press the CLR key to delete current address.
    4. Enter the URL address into the address bar (e.g., verizonwireless.com).
      Nota As the name is entered, a list of websites may appear below the address bar and can be selected at any time.
    5. Select Go.
    6. If necessary, select Go to launch the applicable website.
  4. Press the right soft key to choose Options.
  5. Select Bookmark page.
  6. Enter or edit the appropriate info into the following fields then select Save:
    • Name
    • Web address
    • Carpeta

Nota Check out this interactive demo for more info on bookmarking a website.

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