Samsung Galaxy Book - Find My Device

Nota Find My Device is a service that allows the user to ring, lock, erase or show the location of their phone on the map by going to on any Internet-connected computer. This offers the user the ability to locate their device and, if necessary, protect the data on the device by locking it or erasing the data remotely.

  1. From the Home screen, tap or click the Settings icon Ícono Settings.
    Nota If the Windows Settings options aren't visible, tap or click the Settings Home icon Settings Home icon (lupper-left) to go to the Settings home page.
  2. Tap or click Update & security.
  3. Tap or click Find My Device.
  4. To locate your device, from a web browser, navigate to: Manage your Microsoft devices. Sign in with your Microsoft account user ID and password then scroll down to the Devices section of the website.