Reply to an Email Message - Samsung Gear S3 frontier / Gear S3 classic

Nota To perform the steps below, you must have an email account added to your companion smartwatch.

  1. From within the desired email, tap Reply (scrolling to the end of the message may be required).
  2. Tap any of the following icons to select a reply method:
    Nota Alternatively you can scroll down and tap one of available quick responses:
    Email Reply options
    • Speak your reply
      1. Speak your response.
      2. Wait for your response to be turned into text.
      3. Oprime SEND.
    • Reply with an Emoji
      • Scroll up or down and tap the desired emoji.
    • Write text by hand
      1. Use your fingertip to write out the message or turn the bezel to select letters.
      2. Toca Send.