Windows® 10 - Set Up Cortana

Nota Get help, answers, suggestions, recommendations, reminders and much more from Cortana, the personal assistant from Windows. With permission, Cortana keeps a notebook of things about you to keep track of your interests so she can learn and anticipate to give you tailored recommendations and suggestions.

  1. Tap the Cortana launch icon Cortana Launch icon (located on the left side of the task bar near the Windows Start icon Start Menu icon).
  2. If presented, to continue, review the Privacy Statement then tap Use Cortana.
  3. To personalize Cortana, tap the Notebook icon Cortana Notebook icon (located in the upper-left corner).
  4. Tap the About Me icon Cortana About Me icon to set up the basic personalization info.
  5. Tap the Notebook icon Cortana Notebook icon again to bring back the list of personalization items (e.g., Permissions, Reminders, News, etc.).
  6. Select an available option shown and set as desired then tap the Notebook icon Cortana Notebook icon again to bring back up the list to continue personalizing Cortana.
  7. At any point, Cortana can be used by tapping the Microphone icon Ícono del micrófono (located at the bottom, on the right of the "Ask me anything" search box) or typing in the request in the "Ask me anything" search box.