SmartHub with Voice - Insert Battery

Nota Notas:

  • When inserting the battery, ensure the device isn't connected to any device or power source.
  • The battery recharges as soon as the SmartHub is connected to a power outlet. The position of the power switch has no impact.

  1. From the bottom the SmartHub, press the Door release button down until the door pops up then lift the door.
    SmartHub door release button
  2. Quita la tapa de la batería.
    SmartHub battery door removal
  3. Inserta la batería tal como se muestra.
    SmartHub battery insertion
  4. Replace the battery cover then close the door
    Nota Press the door closed until it clicks into place.
    SmartHub battery door replacement

Nota For additional info on charging your SmartHub with Voice, check out this interactive demo.

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