Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ - Unlock Screen

Precaución If you've set up a lock option to unlock your screen and can't remember it, refer to Shutdown Prevention - Nougat 7.0 and higher (Samsung) for what to do.

  1. Press the Power button (located on the right edge).
    Device with emphasis on Volume down button and Power
  2. Según el tipo de bloqueo de pantalla, realiza una de las siguientes opciones:
    Nota Si Reactivation lock was previously set up on the device, you must sign in to your Samsung account after unlock.
    • Swipe the lock icon up.
    • Dibuja el patrón de desbloqueo actual.
    • While holding the phone at least 8 inches away, position your eyes within the circles shown on the screen.
    • Swipe entire finger pad from base to tip of finger across the fingerprint sensor.
      Nota Si no se reconoce la huella:
      1. Tap Alternative password.
      2. Ingresa la contraseña.
      3. Oprime Done.
    • Ingresa el PIN o la contraseña actuales y luego oprime OK o Done.

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