LG G6™ - Manage Screen Lock Settings

Nota Depending upon the screen lock type (e.g. Swipe, Fingerprint, Pattern, etc.), the available options may vary.

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, ve hasta: Configuración Ícono de Configuración > Lock screen & security.
  2. Tap Customize Lock screen.
  3. Al usar Swipe:
    1. Tap Screen swipe effect.
    2. Tap the preferred effect (e.g., Particle, Soda, etc.).
    3. Oprime OK.
  4. When using Pattern, tap Make Pattern visible to turn On Switch On Icon u Off Switch Off Icon.
  5. Nota Requires screen tap to display Pattern entry field when turned on.
  6. Para cambiar el fondo de la pantalla de bloqueo:
    1. Tap Wallpaper.
    2. From the Set wallpaper prompt, tap Gallery Gallery Icon or Wallpaper gallery.
    3. Select the preferred image then tap Set wallpaper.
      Nota Al seleccionar una imagen de Gallery:
      1. Selecciona el álbum apropiado.
      2. Oprime la imagen que prefieras.
      3. Si aparece la indicación Complete action using, selecciona Crop photo o Crop picture y luego, Always o Just once.
      4. Adjust the cropping frame as desired then tap OK.
      5. Tap Set.
  7. Tap Weather animation to display on lock screen to turn On Switch On Icon u Off Switch Off Icon.
    Nota If presented with a Current location message, review it then tap AGREE.
  8. Para mostrar la información de contacto en la pantalla de bloqueo:
    1. Tap Contact info for lost phone.
    2. Enter or edit the information to display then tap SAVE.