LG K20™ V - Record and Play File - Voice Recorder

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Tools folder Tools Folder icon.
    Nota Estas instrucciones son válidas para el modo estándar únicamente.
  2. Tap Voice Recorder.
    Nota If presented with Terms of Use for LG apps screen, to continue, review then tap AGREE.
    Nota If presented with a permissions screen, to continue, tap ACCEPT to the permissions requested.
  3. Tap the Record icon Ícono grabar (ubicado en la parte inferior) para empezar a grabar.
  4. Cuando termines, oprime el ícono Stop Record Stop icon (ubicado en la parte inferior derecha).
    Nota The voice file is automatically saved in Recorded files.
  5. While in the Recorded files folder, tap the appropriate sound file to play.
  6. Tap the Library menu icon Library Menu icon to return to the Recorded files library to select files to play.
    Linote If necessary, press the Volume buttons up or down to adjust the volume.
    Linote To delete a sound file, touch and hold the file name, tap Delete then tap DELETE to confirm.