Hum by Verizon - Enter the VIN

If your Hum system is unable to read the VIN, use this info to enter it manually.

Nota Notas:

  • During your first trip, the Hum automatically reads the VIN and confirms the following:
    • The year, make, and model of the vehicle match the info given during purchase (if this doesn't match, you must enter the color of your vehicle).
    • The VIN is readable and valid.
  • If the Hum can't read the VIN, the app asks you to enter it manually.


  1. If there is more than one Hum in use, tap the applicable vehicle to add the VIN.
    Hum select vehicle
  2. Enter the VIN manually or scan the VIN using the app.
    Nota Consulta estas instrucciones to locate the VIN.
    Hum enter vin
  3. Tab Submit.
    Nota If successful, Hum displays the year, make and model and you are prompted to enter the vehicle color.


Nota Si quieres más información, echa un vistazo a estas Hum FAQs.