Apple® iPhone® 7 / 7 Plus - Common Camera Settings

Nota For additional info on camera settings, refer to the Camera section of the iPhone user guide.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Camera Ícono Camera.
  2. Tap the Flash icon Ícono Flash in the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Oprime una de las siguientes opciones:
    Activar flash automáticamente según las fuentes de luz disponibles.
    Flash activado
    Flash desactivado
  4. Tap HDR (located along the top).
    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and blends the best parts of three separate exposures into a single photo.
    Activar automáticamente según las fuentes de luz disponibles.
    Alto margen dinámico activado
    Alto margen dinámico desactivado
  5. To switch to the front-facing camera, tap the front-facing camera icon Front-facing camera icon (ubicado en la parte inferior derecha).
  6. To switch to a different mode, swipe the modes menu above the 'take picture icon' Ícono Take picture to the left or right to choose any of the following:
    The 'take picture' icon may be look slightly different based on the mode chosen.