Wear24™ - Calling Setup

Nota Para seguir los pasos que aparecen a continuación, necesitas:

  • ensure the Advanced Calling feature is activated on your smartphone.
    Nota Android, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE.
  • ensure the Verizon Messages app is installed (Android, Apple iOS) and updated (Android, Apple iOS) on your smartphone.
  • ensure the Verizon Messages app is the default messaging app on your smartphone.
  • ensure your smartphone's Bluetooth feature is turned on.
  • keep the watch near your smartphone throughout the entire process.

  1. From the Set up calling on your watch screen, tap Yes to begin.
    Nota If necessary, press the Power button (on the right edge) then tap Calling Setup to resume.
    Set up calling screen with options
  2. Tap Next to begin permissions setup.
    Permissions disclaimer with Next
  3. If presented, tap the Check mark icon Ícono de la marca de verificación to allow Message+ to make and manage phone calls.
  4. Tap the Check mark icon to allow Message+ to record audio.
    Message+ record audio permission
  5. Tap the Check mark icon to allow Message+ to access the watch's location.
    Nota Allow several minutes for the watch to fetch details from the smartphone.
    Nota If prompted to delete devices from the Messages+ app on your smartphone, refer to the following for assistance: Message+ device location permission
  6. To continue, tap the right arrow icon (located at the bottom).
    Nota Si no tienes la opción, ve al paso 10.
    Security check disclaimer with right arrow
  7. Enter your smartphone's 10-digit number then tap the Check mark icon.
    Nota A verification PIN is sent to your smartphone.
    Enter Phone Number screen
  8. Tap Enter PIN.
    PIN sent screen with Enter PIN option
  9. Enter the appropriate PIN then tap the Check mark icon.
    Nota To locate the PIN, open the messaging app on your smartphone.
    Enter PIN screen
  10. Tap the Check mark icon to use the on-screen mobile number for calls.
    Phone number confirmation screen
  11. From the Current Location screen, select one of the following:
    Nota This info is transmitted to the emergency dispatcher for all 911 calls made on a Wi-Fi network.
    • Use this as your e911 address
    • Use a previously saved address
    • Edit on watch
    Current Location screen with options
  12. If editing on the watch, enter the appropriate address info (e.g., street address, city, state, zip code, etc.) then tap Ok.
    Nota If address validation fails, re-enter or use a different address.
  13. If prompted, tap the Check mark icon to confirm and complete setup.
    Calling Setup Complete screen