GizmoTab™ - First Time Setup - Parent and Child Profiles

  1. Tap the GizmoTab icon.
    GizmoTab main screen
  2. Oprime Get Started.
    GizmoTab welcome screen
  3. Tap the Create a New GizmoTab Parent Account icon then complete the following.
    1. Enter your full name.
    2. Enter your Gmail address.
    3. Enter a password based on given requirements.
      Nota Passwords must be at least 8 characters and contains at least 3 of the following 4 requirements:
      • 1 or more upper-case letters
      • 1 or more lower-case letters
      • 1 or more numerals
      • 1 or more special characters
    4. To confirm, re-enter your password then tap Next.
      Create parent account
  4. Tap Send Confirmation Code.
    Confirmation code request
  5. Check your Gmail acccount for the email with the confirmation code, enter it then tap Continue.
  6. Enter a name for the tablet then tap Continue.
    Tablet name screen
  7. Enter the PIN you want to use to access parent-only features.
  8. To confirm, re-enter the PIN then tap Next.
    Create parent pin
  9. Enter the child's name to set up the first kid's profile, tap the dropdown menus to enter the child's relationship to you, birth month and year then tap Continue.
    Nota You can have 3 child profiles per tablet; follow estas instrucciones for adding additional children.
  10. Slide the white dot to set how many hours per day the tablet can be used for learning then tap Continue.
    Set learning limits
  11. Slide the white dot to set how many hours per day the tablet can be used for play then tap Continue.
    Set playtime limits
  12. Toca Continue (Continuar).
    Tap Continue from Ready to Go screen
  13. If presented, review the info then tap Continue.
  14. Tap Continue to complete setup.
  15. When prompted with "Where do you want to go next?', tap Kids World or tap Parent Dashboard.
    Where do you want to go next screen

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