Hum by Verizon - Mobile App - Add a Speed Alert

To set speed limits and receive alerts when the max speed is exceeded on your Hum equipped vehicle, view this info.

Nota Notas:

  • Only the Hum primary account holder can add speed alerts.
  • Secondary drivers are able to receive speed alerts.


  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Menu icon.
    Dashboard menu icon
  2. Tap Boundary & Speed Alerts.
    Nota You can also set alerts from the Boundary & Speed Alerts widget on the Dashboard.
    Menu alerts
  3. Tap Speed Alerts.
    Tap Speed Alerts
  4. Tap Set a new Speed Alert.
    Tap Set a New Speed Alert
  5. Trace along the circular dial to set then maximum speed then tap Set.
    Oprime Set


Nota Si quieres más información, echa un vistazo a estas Hum FAQs.

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