Spartan GoCam™ - Manage Photos and Videos

Nota You can also manage photos and videos (and perform many other actions) using the GoWireless web portal y aplicación móvil.

  1. Slide the Power switch to the SETUP position to enter Preview mode.
  2. Press the Playback button Playback icon to switch to Playback mode to view photos or videos.
  3. Utilize the Arrow buttons to navigate through the images and the OK button to select.
  4. Press the Playback button Playback icon to exit Playback mode.

View a Photo

While viewing a photo, use the up or down arrow buttons to zoom in or out. While zoomed in, press OK then use all arrow buttons to pan the zoomed image.

Mirar un video

While viewing the video thumbnail, press the OK button to play or pause the video.

Delete Photo or Video

  1. While viewing an image, press the Del button then select Yes.
  2. To delete all images:
    1. Oprime el botón Menu.
    2. Select Del ALL.
      Nota Utilize the arrow buttons to navigate and the OK button to select.
    3. Selecciona Yes.
      Nota Deleted files cannot be recovered.