Verizon Messages (Tablets) - Place a Video Call

Nota Notas:

  • Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled on the endpoint (tablet).
  • Video calling requires both parties to have the LTE video calling add-on active on the primary phone. This means both parties must be Verizon customers.
  • No Minutes of Use (MOU) or data plan charges apply when a Video Call originated or received on Wi-Fi while in USA.
  • Se aplican cargos de larga distancia internacional a llamadas realizadas a un número internacional desde EE. UU.
  • Video calls can't be made to international numbers.
  • Cuando viajes al extranjero, no se aplican cargos a llamadas hacia EE. UU. However, calling local international numbers are billed at the international rate per calling plan.
  • Video calls can be made on the tablet to/from VZW customers outside the US, as long as they have a data connection. If the data connection is cellular, data usage charges are incurred according to the data plan.


  1. Inicia la app VZ Messages+.
  2. Oprime el ícono del teléfono Phone icon (ubicado en la parte inferior).
  3. From the DIAL PAD tab, enter a 10 digit number then tap the Video Call icon.
    Nota Seven-digit dialing pattern is not supported.
    Nota Hasta 5 dispositivos (puntos finales) por MDN. Solo un punto final (smartphone o tablet) puede atender.
    Dial a Call
  4. Para desconectar la llamada, oprime End Desconectar la llamada.


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