Factory Data Reset - Need to Know - Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge


Google account name and password

Make sure you know your current Google account name (email address) and password.
Nota If password unknown, visit the Google recovery page.




Other email accounts

  • Make sure you know the info for all other email accounts on your smartphone (e.g., Yahoo!, mail.com., corporate email, etc.):
    Nota Available options may vary depending upon account type.
    • email address or user name 
    • contraseña
    • email type (POP or IMAP)
    • Server, port and security info
  • For corporate email, see your email administrator for all needed info.





Samsung account info

Make sure you know your Samsung ID and password (if applicable).
Nota This info can be recovered at the Samsung support site.




Syncing or other password protected apps

  • Make sure you know the info to reconnect to other apps.
  • Some apps that have sync or password options include:
    • banking apps
    • reading apps (e.g., Kindle, Overdrive, etc.).
    • Evernote
    • calendar apps
    • to-do list apps





Contact your corporate VPN administrator for assistance with server info and credentials.


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