Factory Data Reset - Need to Know - Samsung Galaxy Note5


GoogleTM account name and password

  • Make sure you know your current Google account name (email address) and password.
    Nota If password unknown, visit the Google recovery page.




Other email accounts

  • Make sure you know the info for all other email accounts on your smartphone (e.g., Yahoo!, mail.com., corporate email, etc.):
    Nota Available options may vary depending upon account type.
    • email address or user name 
    • contraseña
    • email type (POP or IMAP)
    • Server, port and security info
  • For corporate email, see your email administrator for all needed info.





Samsung account info

  • Make sure you know your Samsung ID and password (if applicable).
    Nota This info can be recovered at the Samsung support site.




Syncing or other password protected apps

  • Make sure you know the info to reconnect to other apps.
  • Some apps that have sync or password options include:
    • banking apps
    • reading apps (e.g., Kindle, Overdrive, etc.).
    • Evernote
    • calendar apps
    • to-do list apps





Contact your corporate VPN administrator for assistance with server info and credentials.


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