Configure Network Settings - 4G LTE Network Extender

Nota Notas:

  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is the default network setting.
  • For advanced network configuration refer to IT Department / ISP for assistance.


  1. Access the Network Extender Admin then click Settings Ícono Settings (on the left).
    Nota Si necesitas asistencia, consulta Access Network Extender Admin.
  2. Click Network, then ensure the DHCP box is not checked and modify the following information as needed.
    Nota Alternatively, click Clear Network Settings to restore the default settings.
    • Default Gateway
    • Dirección IP
    • Subnet Mask
    • Primary DNS
    • Secondary DNS
    • Backhaul Limit
    • MTU Size
    Settings - Network configured using DHCP
  3. Haz clic en Guardar.
  4. From the Warning prompt, click OK.
  5. From the Information prompt, click OK.