PRIV™ by BlackBerry® - Email Account Common Settings

To configure common settings for your personal email account (e.g., account name, etc.), follow these steps.

Nota For assistance with the BlackBerry Hub refer to Common Settings - BlackBerry Hub.

  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps Ícono de la aplicación > Settings Ícono Settings > Accounts Ícono Accounts.
  2. Tap Personal Ícono de Gmail.
  3. Tap Account settings.
  4. Tap the appropriate email address (below "General settings").
    Nota Pueden aparecer múltiples cuentas.
  5. Edita cualquiera de las siguientes:
    Nota Las configuraciones pueden variar según el tipo de cuenta de email.
    • Account name
    • Your name
    • Composer preferences
    • Quick responses

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