Verizon Messages - Windows® Desktop - Install App

  1. From All apps, launch the Windows Store.
    Nota If requested, enter your Windows Live password.
    Click Windows store
  2. Enter Message+ into the Search box then press Enter.
    Enter Message+ in Search Box
  3. Select Message+ then click Install.
    Click Install Message+
  4. If necessary, click Check for updates and then click Install.
    Click Check for Updates
  5. If prompted, click Accept.
  6. Click OPEN.
  7. Click Get Started.
  8. Ingresa el número telefónico móvil para obtener el Security Code.
    Ingresar el número de móvil
  9. Enter the security code then click Done.
    Enter Security Code
  10. If prompted, click Done.
    Nota Message+ syncs up with the Message+ app on the associated device.


Nota For additional info on Verizon Messages (Message+), check out these Preguntas.