Configurar manualmente el email corporativo (Exchange ActiveSync®) - Samsung Galaxy View

Nota Contact your Exchange / IT Administrator for assistance with server info and credentials.

  1. Desde una de las pantallas de inicio, ve a: Apps Ícono de la aplicación > Settings > Accounts (Personal section).
  2. Tap Add account.
  3. Tap Microsoft Exchange Activesync.
  4. Enter your corporate email address and password then tap MANUAL SETUP (located in the lower-left).
  5. Ensure that the appropriate info is entered into the following fields then tap NEXT (located in the lower-right):
    • Dirección de correo electrónico
    • Domain\username
    • Password
    • Exchange server
    • Use secure connection (SSL)
      Nota Activado cuando hay una marca de verificación.
  6. If presented with a Email activation prompt, tap OK to confirm.
  7. If presented with a Remote security administration prompt, tap OK to confirm.
  8. Configure the Sync settings (e.g., Period to sync Email, Sync schedule, etc.) as necessary then tap NEXT.
  9. If presented with an Activate device administrator screen, tap ACTIVATE.
    Nota Sigue los pasos que aparecen en la pantalla para completar la política de seguridad aplicada (por ej., Set up password, Device encryption).
    Nota Device encryption can exceed 60 minutes. If prompted, connect your tablet to a charging device to begin (battery charge must be at 80% or greater).
  10. If presented, select an option then tap DONE (located in the lower-right).
    • Show content
    • Hide content
    • No mostrar notificaciones
  11. If desired, enter an account name then tap NEXT.

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