Kid Mode (Zoodles®) - Ellipsis® Kids

Nota Kid Mode provides:

  • fun and safe content for kids.
  • the ability to allow or restrict access to apps and stored media content on the device.
  • an in-app FAQ .

  1. Desde una pantalla de inicio, ve hasta al ícono Apps Ícono de la aplicación > Kid Mode.
  2. Tap Sign In.
    Nota If applicable, tap Create Account (comienza con el paso 2).
  3. Enter password, tap OK then tap Sign In.
  4. Tap the Username icon to launch Kid Mode.
    User profile icon
  5. If applicable, tap the Menu icon Ícono de menú (located in the upper-left), tap Profiles to change users then tap the applicable user.
  6. Oprime una de las siguientes lengüetas (en la parte superior):


Select the applicable apps (e.g., kids camera, etc.) to show or hide in the child's toybox.
Nota Apps shown (accessible) from toybox when a check mark is present.
Nota By default, apps are hidden.
Nota If prompted to validate parental status, follow on-screen prompts.
Nota To download apps from the Google Play Store: navigate: For Parents > Tablet Settings > Google Play.



  1. If desired, view Zoodles points or Top Recommended App.
  2. Tap the Next icon Ícono Next or the Back icon Ícono Atrás to view the following info:
    • Time Spent In Each Subject
    • Time Per Subject
    • Aplicaciones recomendadas



  1. Slide the bars left or right to adjust promoting the applicable subjects:
    • Math
    • Idioma
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Cognitive Development
    • Creative Development
    • Life Skills
  2. Tap the Next icon Ícono Next.
    Nota If applicable, tap the Back icon Ícono Atrás to return to previous screen anytime during the Controls setup process.
  3. Tap (check) the following languages to promote then tap the Next icon:
    • English
    • Chinese (simplified)
    • Chinese (traditional)
    • Español
    • Japonés
    • Coreano
    • Francés
    • Italiano
    • Holandés
    • German
  4. Tap (check) the applicable Time Limits Per Day from the following sections then tap the Next icon:
    • Saturday-Sunday
    • Monday-Friday
  5. Tap (check) the applicable Violence Filters (e.g., No Violence, Level 1, etc.)


Tablet Settings

Oprime una de las siguientes opciones:


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