Samsung Gear S2 / Gear S2 Classic - Call History

Nota For additional info and a Galaxy Gear S2 simulator, visit the Samsung support site.

  1. From the watch screen press the Home button to open the apps screen.
    Botón Home
  2. Tap Apps Ícono de la aplicación.
  3. Oprime Phone.
  4. Scroll up to view call history.
  5. Tap a name or number to view history.
  6. Para borrar el historial de llamadas:
    1. Press and hold the desired contact(s) to select.
      Nota Selected when a green check mark appears
      Nota To clear all history, tap the blue number that appears (located at the top), then tap Select all.
    2. Tap Menu Ícono de menú (ubicado a la derecha).
    3. Tap Delete Ícono Delete.