Samsung Galaxy Tab E - Create a New Google™ Account

Si ya tienes una cuenta, consulta Agregar una cuenta de Google existente.

  1. From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
    Nota These instructions only apply to the default Home screen layout.
  2. Navigate: Settings Ícono Settings > Accounts.
  3. Tap Add account.
  4. Oprime Google.
    Nota Si aparece, ingresa el PIN, la contraseña o el patrón actuales.
  5. Navigate: More options > Create account.
  6. Enter the appropriate name into the First and Last fields then tap NEXT (lower-right):
  7. Enter your birthday and gender into the appropriate fields.
  8. Enter the desired info into the Username field then tap NEXT.
  9. Enter a password into the following fields then tap NEXT:
    Nota La contraseña debe tener al menos 8 caracteres.
    • Crear contraseña
    • Confirma la contraseña
  10. From the Add your phone number screen, ensure the correct phone number is listed, tap NEXT then tap Verify.
    Nota A verification message is sent to the device.
    Nota If you don't wish to include a recovery phone number, tap Skip.
  11. Ton continue, review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy then tap I Agree (lower-right).
    Nota To review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap the appropriate link and language then tap Close when finished.
  12. If presented, configure the following as desired then tap NEXT:
    Nota Activado cuando hay una marca de verificación.
    • Automatically back up device data
    • Quiero recibir las últimas noticias y ofertas de Google Play
  13. If presented to Set up payment info, select any of the following then tap CONTINUE (lower-right):
    • Agregar tarjeta de crédito o débito
    • Use Verizon Wireless billing
    • Add PayPal
    • No, gracias
  14. If applicable, complete all remaining steps to set up payment info.
  15. From the Thanks screen, tap NEXT.

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