Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone - Volume Controls

Adjusting volume controls can help if your device isn't ringing when receiving calls.

Nota Notas:

  • Four volume levels are available, with level 1 being the softest and level 4 the loudest. The default setting is level 4.
  • You can also adjust the volume using your telephone connected to the Verizon LTE Internet and Home Phone (formerly the Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice).

  1. Take the phone off the hook so you can hear the dial tone and verify that telephone service is available.
  2. Press ## to adjust the volume.
  3. Press keys 1 to 4 to select the desired volume.
  4. After selecting the desired volume, press the * key to save it. If you hear a single confirmation tone, you have successfully set the volume level.