Google Pay® - Agregar un programa de lealtad/recompensas

If you'd like to store a loyalty or rewards card in Google Pay, view this info.

  1. From the Google Pay app, tap the Add icon Add method icon (in the lower-right) to add a card.
    Nota For more info or to download the Google Pay app, haz clic aquí.
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  2. Tap Add a loyalty program.
    Add a payment menu
  3. Enter the name of the loyalty or rewards program then select the program from the list.
    Google Pay loyalty search box
  4. Line up the bar code on the gift card in the photo viewer then take a picture.
    Nota Alternatively, tap Add Manually then enter the required info (e.g., card number, PIN, etc.).
  5. From the Loyalty program screen, enter any appropriate info (e.g., Balance, PIN, etc.) then tap Save.
  6. To be notified when the loyalty/rewards card can be used nearby, ensure the Notifications switch is on Icono On.
    Nota If necessary, tap the switch to turn it on.