Diferencias entre "desactivar" y "eliminar" las aplicaciones Get It Now

Disabling an app
Disabling an app removes the app from memory, but retains the usage and purchase info. Si lo que quieres el liberar un poco de memoria pero quieres acceder a la aplicación más tarde, usa la función desactivar (Disable). You can restore the disabled app at a later time. Note: If the disabled app is on a subscription basis, you will continue to be charged the recurring subscription fee.
Deleting or Removing an app
Eliminar una aplicación significa que la borras completamente de la memoria del teléfono. In order to restore the app, you would have to download it and pay for it again. Airtime charges apply while removing a subscription app. If you remove a wallpaper app from your handset, you might delete all of the wallpaper that was downloaded. In order to retain the wallpaper for any such app, you must disable the app rather than removing then app.