Turn Cortana® On / Off - Microsoft® Lumia 735

Nota Cortana is automatically enabled by default for Windows 10.

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, desplázate hacia la izquierda para ver la lista de aplicaciones.
    Nota Alternatively, tap All apps All apps icon (located in the lower-right, may require scrolling).
  2. Tap Cortana.
  3. Tap the Notebook icon Ícono de menú.
  4. Oprime Configuración.
    Nota If Cortana is turned on, tap Notebook then tap Settings.
  5. Tap the Cortana switch to turn on All apps icon o desactivar All apps icon.
    Nota A device restart is required if turning Cortana off.
  6. If prompted with 'Ready to get started?', tap yes.