Verizon Messages - Android™ - Video Trimmer

  1. Navega y luego selecciona un video.
    Selecciona un video
  2. Tap the Trimming icon.
    Tap Trimming icon
  3. Slide the Video measurement bar from left to right and/or right to left to select the video section to capture.
    Trimmed Video Section
  4. Oprime Done.
    Oprime Done
  5. Enter a name for the trimmed video and tap OK.
    Oprime OK
  6. Exit the video app then navigate: Apps > Video app.
    Tap Video app
  7. Tap and hold the desired video to send and tap Menu Icono del botón Menu (lower-left) then tap Share via.
    Tap Video app
  8. Tap Message+.
    Tap Message Plus
  9. Tap Attach then tap Send Ícono Send.
    oprime "Attach"

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