Eliminar cookies y archivos temporales de Internet - Internet Explorer

Nota Some cookies contain customized preference and log on info for previously visited websites. Once deleted, the website may prompt for this info again.

  1. From the browser app, click Tools Herramientas (ubicado en la parte superior derecha).
    Nota If using Windows 8, navigate Apps > Desktop > Internet Explorer (from the Start screen) to follow these steps in Desktop mode.
  2. Click Internet Options.
  3. From the Browsing history section, click Delete.
  4. Select (check) any of the following:
    Nota Options/Wordings may vary depending on the version of Internet Explorer.
    Preserve Favorites website data
    Keeps cookies and temporary Internet files that enable your favorite websites to retain preferences and display faster.
    Temporary Internet files and website files
    Copies of web pages, images, and media that are saved for faster viewing.
    Cookies and website data
    Files or databases stored on your computer by websites to save preferences or improve website performance.
    Browsing history
    Lista de sitios web que has visitado.
    Download History
    Lista de archivos que has descargado.
    Form data
    Saved information that you have typed into forms.
    Saved passwords that are automatically filled in when your sign in to a website you've previously visited.
    Tracking Protection, ActiveX Filtering y Do Not Track data
    Lista de sitios web excluidos de los filtros, data usada por Tracking Protection para detectar si los sitios están compartiendo detalles sobre tu visita; y excepciones a las solicitudes de Do Not Track.
  5. Haz clic en Borrar.