Create Groups in Address Book - BlackBerry®

Nota Notas:

  • Groups in Blackberry Address Books are for group mailing only. This isn't a method of filtering contacts.
  • Any contact that doesn't have an email address won't be available to add to a group.


  1. Selecciona Address Book.
    Nota Utilize the trackwheel/trackball to highlight then press it to select.
  2. Press in on the trackwheel/trackball.
  3. Selecciona New Group.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the group then press in on the trackwheel/trackball.
  5. Selecciona Add Member.
  6. Selecciona el contacto deseado.
  7. Selecciona Continue.
    Nota Repite los pasos 6 y 7 para agregar más contactos al grupo.
  8. When all contacts have been added, press in on the trackwheel/trackball, then select Close.
  9. Selecciona Save.