Add a Personal Email Account - Microsoft Lumia 735

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, desplázate hacia la izquierda para ver la lista de aplicaciones.
    Nota Alternatively, tap All apps All apps icon (located in the lower-right, may require scrolling).
  2. Navigate: Settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts.
  3. Tap Add an account.
  4. Select one of the following account types:
    Nota Aparecen más tipos de cuenta (aparte de las que aparecen abajo), pero no tienen nada que ver con POP/IMAP.
      Nota This option may appear as "Microsoft account" if the primary account hasn't been previously set up.
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • Google
    • other account
  5. If presented, tap Connect.
  6. Enter the email address and password into the appropriate fields then tap Next or Sign in (located in the lower-left).
    Nota Si no detectan automáticamente las configuraciones de la cuenta, es posible ingresarlas de forma manual (comienza con el paso 3).
  7. If presented with "Windows would like to:" screen, to continue, review the terms of service and privacy policies then tap Allow.
  8. If presented, select one of the following then tap Sign in (located in the lower left):
    • Email only
    • Email, contacts and calendar
  9. Oprime Done.

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