Activate / Set Up Device - Microsoft Lumia 735

If you are upgrading your existing Verizon device, follow these steps to activate before proceeding with the instructions below.

Nota Notas:

  1. On the "Welcome" screen, tap the appropriate language then tap Next.
    Nota Seleccionado cuando el texto aparece en rojo.
  2. On the Let's get going screen, select your home country or region then tap Next.
  3. To continue with setup, review the Windows Phone Terms of Use then tap Accept.
  4. From the "Date and time" screen, select your time zone from the Dropdown menu then tap Next (located in the lower-right).
  5. Connect to Wi-Fi or tap Skip.
  6. If presented with the "Reset Protection Notification" screen, tap Next.
  7. If presented with the "Setup Wizard" screen, enter your Email or phone and Password and tap Sign in.
  8. On the "Get going fast" screen, tap Express or Customize.
    Nota If Express is selected, skip to step 10.
  9. Tap any of the following settings then tap Next (located in the lower-right).
    Nota Activado cuando hay una marca de verificación.
    • Allow cellular data usage on your phone
    • Send typing and linking data to improve the recognition and suggestion platform
    • Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps
    • Send Microsoft and trusted partners some location data to improve location services
    • Automatically connect to suggested open hotspots. Not all networks are secure
    • Automatically connect to networks shared by your contacts
    • Turn on Reset Protection
      Nota This prevents unauthorized users from resetting the phone with a new Microsoft account
    • Send my location to Microsoft when my phone is activated
    • Turn on Find My Phone
    • Personalize your speech, typing, and linking input by sending contacts and calendar details, along with other associated input data to Microsoft
    • Use SmartScreen to help protect against malicious content
    • In Windows browser, use page predictions to preload pages, which sends your browsing history to Microsoft
    • Let Skype (if installed) help you connect with friends in your address book and verify your mobile numbe. SMS and data charges may apply.
    • Send full error and diagnostics info to Microsoft
  10. From the "Keep your life in sync" screen, tap sign in or Crear una cuenta, starting at step 5 then tap Next.
    Nota You must sign in or create a Microsoft Account in order to activate the Reset Protection feature.
    Nota If "Sign in later" is chosen, Reset Protection won't be activated. Tap Next to continue device activation and skip to step 16.
    Nota Consulta Agregar una cuenta Microsoft to sign in at a later date and then Reset Protection can be turned on.
  11. Enter Email address and Password then tap Next.
  12. If presented with the "Restore phone" screen, tap the device to restore your data from or tap "Don't restore", then tap Next.
  13. If presented with the "OneDrive?" screen tap Not now.
    Nota Consulta Activar copia de seguridad automática (OneDrive) to set up at a later date.
  14. If presented with the "Cortana " set up screen, tap Not now.
    Nota Consulta Configurar Cortana to set up at a later date.
  15. If presented with "All the apps have finished installing", tap next.
  16. On the "Almost done" screen, tap next.
  17. From the "Verizon Setup Wizard" screen (Backup Assistant Plus setup), tap not now (located in the lower-left).
    Nota Consulta Initial Setup - Backup Assistant Plus to activate after initial setup.
  18. Review the Privacy Caution and Data Use screen then tap accept (located in the lower-right) to continue with setup.
  19. Tap next on Automatic Phone Updates screen.
  20. Tap done (located in the lower-left).