LED Status Indicators - 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise

The 4G LTE Network Extender for Enterprise is an advanced business solution that's not available for consumer use.

Progress Falla Estado del LED Network Extender Status
Rojo Rojo Fijo Hardware / Startup Initialization Hardware initialization and software execution stage.
Naranja Red/Orange Alternating Ethernet Cable, Accquiring Local IP address Detection of the Ethernet cable and local IPv4
Naranja Rojo 1 Blink Acquired Local IP, DNS, VPN Setup DNS lookup and VPN establishment stage
- Rojo 2 Blinks Authentication Failure (cause code 4) Explicit FDR authentication failure condition
Naranja Rojo 3 Blinks GPS Acquisition in Progress GPS acquisition stage
Naranja Naranja 4 Blinks Configuration Download Software download and parameter configuration stage
Verde - Fast Blinking In Service System is in an operational condition
- Green/Red Alternating Post Operational issues/Alarms At least one alarm is active


Progresión normal de indicadores LED al iniciar el dispositivo (aproximadamente 15 minutos)
  1. Hardware Initialization, LED is solid red.
  2. Accquiring IP address, LED is alternating red/orange.
  3. Local IP, DNS, VPN setup, LED is blinking orange one time.
  4. GPS acquisition, LED is blinking orange three times.
  5. In Service, LED is fast blinking green.