Manually Add a Wi-Fi Network - LG Lancet™

Nota Wi-Fi network info is required to complete several steps. Refer to the network admin for assistance.

  1. From the Start screen, swipe the screen left to display the Apps list.
    Nota Alternatively, tap All apps All apps icon (located in the lower-right, may require scrolling). 
  2. Oprime Configuración.
  3. Oprime Wi-Fi.
  4. Asegúrate de que el interruptor de la red Wi-Fi esté encendido Interruptor activado.
  5. Tap manage (located in the lower-left; may require scrolling to the bottom).
  6. Tap add ícono del signo más (ubicado en la parte inferior).
  7. Ingresa el nombre de la red.
  8. Tap add (located in the lower-left).
  9. Ingresa la contraseña correcta.
  10. Tap done (located in the lower-left).


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