BlackBerry - Cambio de dispositivo - Apple® iOS

For additional reference, there's a BlackBerry Device Switch Video available on

Nota Notas:
  • Compatible with devices iOS 6.0 or higher.
  • The Device Switch app must be installed on both devices.
  • Ensure Wi-Fi is on by navigating from a Home screen to Settings > Wi-Fi.


  1. Connect both devices to Wi-Fi.
    Nota Both devices must be simultaneously connected a Wi-Fi network that supports multicast for device discovery.
  2. From the home screen, tap Device Switch Device Switch icon.
    Nota Si no está disponible, consulta Download and Install - Device Switch - BlackBerry OS 10.
  3. From the Device Switch screen tap Next.
    Nota If prompted review the app permissions and tap OK to continue.
  4. From the Device Switch screen tap iPhone.
  5. From the source device Home screen, tap Device Switch iOS Device Switch icon.
    Nota Si no está disponible, consulta Bajar e instalar - Cambio de dispositivo - Apple® iOS.
  6. From the source device, follow the on-screen instructions then tap Next.
  7. Enter the PIN displayed on the source device then tap Submit.
  8. From the source device, select the desired data (e.g., Contacts, Calendar, Photos, etc.) then tap Next.
    Nota Only data saved in your device storage space is transferred.
  9. The status screen displays items successfully synchronized. Tap Next.
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions to add additional content or tap Finish on both devices to exit.