Cortana Settings - Windows Phone

Nota Cortana uses voice recognition to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, etc.

  1. En la pantalla de inicio, desplázate hacia la izquierda para ver la lista de aplicaciones.
    Nota Alternatively, tap the Right arrow (located in the lower-right; may require scrolling to the bottom of the Start screen).
  2. Oprime Configuración.
  3. Scroll down and tap Cortana.
    Nota If Cortana is not listed, swipe the screen left or right and select Cortana from the presented list. 
  4. Tap the On/Off switch to turn on Cortana.
    Nota Cortana must be turned on to adjust settings.
  5. If desired, tap Detect tracking info, such as flights, in messages on my phone.
    Nota Turned on when check mark is present.
  6. Tap Have Cortana call me by my name, then tap set my name and type your name in the box to personalize Cortana.
  7. If desired, tap sign in to Facebook and enter log in information.
    Nota Signing into Facebook allows Microsoft to access certain Facebook information to give you more personalized recommendations.
  8. Tap battery saver to utilize battery saver options with Cortana.
  9. Tap speech settings to set speech options and language.
  10. Tap search settings to set search options.