Bajar timbres pendientes - Verizon Tones - Android™ 

Nota The Verizon Tones app isn't preloaded on all devices. If unavailable, download from the Tienda Google Play™.

  1. Open the Verizon Tones app Verizon Tones icon.
  2. Tap Menu (located upper-left).
    Nota For some devices (e.g., LG G4, etc.), you may need to touch and hold the Square icon to get back to the Downloads screen or tap the Recently Accessed Apps icon.
    Oprime Menu
  3. Tap Downloads.
    Tap Downloads
  4. In the Pending Downloads section, tap the Download icon next to the desired ringtone.
    Tap the Download Icon
  5. Select a default ringtone option:
    • Yes, Make Default
    • No, Not Yet
    Selecciona una opción