Configure Email Services - Modify Existing Installation - BlackBerry® Desktop Redirector

  • The BlackBerry Desktop Redirector app must be running and connected to a Microsoft® Exchange account via an active Internet connection in order for email redirection to occur.
  • The BlackBerry Desktop Redirector app must be started manually. If desired, to start the app automatically upon system startup, a shortcut to the app can be placed in the Windows Startup folder.
  • For new installations, refer to Configure Email Services - New Installation - BlackBerry® Desktop Redirector.

Windows® 7/Vista

Iniciar Programas y funciones:
Navigate: Start > (Settings) > Control Panel > (Programs) > Programs and Features.
If prompted, click Continue.


Windows® XP/2000

Iniciar Agregar o quitar programas:
Navigate: Start > (Settings) > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

  1. Select BlackBerry Desktop Software then click Uninstall/Change.
  2. From the 'Welcome to the InstallShield...' screen, click Next.
  3. Ensure 'Modify' is selected then click Next.
  4. From the 'Custom Setup' screen, click Next.
  5. Ensure the desired Media Options are selected (checked) then click Next.
    • BlackBerry Media Sync
    • Roxio Media Manager
  6. Select Integrate with a work email account then click Next.
  7. Ensure 'for Microsoft® Exchange (typically used with Microsoft® Outlook)' is selected then click Next.
  8. Ensure the desired Installation Options are selected (checked) then click Install.
    • Start BlackBerry Desktop Manager automatically each time the computer starts.
    • Create a shortcut for BlackBerry Desktop Manager on the Windows® desktop.
    • Check for software updates.
  9. Haz clic en Finish.
  10. Ensure the BlackBerry device is connected to the computer via the supplied USB cable then click Email Settings.
    Nota If BlackBerry Desktop Manager is not open, navigate: Start > All Programs (Programs) > BlackBerry > Desktop Manager.
  11. From the 'Email Settings' prompt, click Yes.
  12. Haz clic en OK.
  13. Sigue las instrucciones en la pantalla para generar una nueva clave codificada.
  14. From the 'Email message redirection' section, ensure 'Forward incoming messages...' is selected (checked) then click Apply (located in the lower-right).
  15. Inicia BlackBerry Desktop Redirector.
    Nota Navigate: Start > All Programs (Programs) > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Desktop Redirector.