BlackBerry Blend - BlackBerry Classic

Nota Nota:


BlackBerry Blend on Device

  1. From a Home screen, tap BlackBerry Blend BlackBerry Blend icon.
  2. Oprime Go to Device Connections settings.
  3. Tap 'Allow Connections' On/Off switch to enable Indicador On o deshabilitar Indicador Off device connections.
  4. Tap Back back icon (ubicado en la parte inferior izquierda).
  5. Launch BlackBerry Blend on your computer or tablet and follow the on-screen instructions to start pairing.
  6. From the 'Paired Computers and Tablets' section tap the desired device to connect.


BlackBerry Blend on Computer or Tablet

BlackBerry Blend is available for download on multiple devices and platforms.

    • Mac OS X 10.7 and higher
    • Windows® 7 and higher
    • iOS 7 and higher
      nota To transfer data from an iOS device, an active iCloud account is required.
    • Android 4.4 y superior
      nota To transfer data from an Android device the BlackBerry Blend app must be instalado.

Consulta la BlackBerry Blend site for device specific download and installation instructions.