Hub Preferences - BlackBerry® Hub - BlackBerry® Classic

  1. From the Home screen, tap BlackBerry Hub Hub icon.
    Nota Alternatively, swipe right until the BlackBerry Hub appears.
  2. Oprime More Icono de menú vertical (located in the lower-right) then tap Settings Ícono Settings.
  3. Tap Hub Management Gestión de Hub.
  4. Select any of the following to configure:
    • Notificaciones
    • BBM
    • Mensajes de texto
    • Cuentas de email
    • Llamadas
    • Alertas de emergencia
    • Mensajes PIN
  5. To configure settings for Notifications, BBM, Text Messages, etc:
    1. From the 'Show in' section, tap a location option:
      • Show in Hub Only
      • Show in Separate Account Only
      • Show in Both
    2. Tap the Account Color dropdown menu Dropdown icon then select the desired color.


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