Add a Personal Email Account - BlackBerry Classic

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings Ícono Settings.
    Nota Si no aparece, deslízate hacia abajo desde la parte superior de la pantalla (donde se encuentra la hora).
  2. Tap Accounts Ícono de Email.
  3. Tap Email, Calendar and Contacts Enterprise accounts icon.
    Nota If not available, tap Add Account Agregar cuenta > Email, Calendar and Contacts Enterprise accounts icon.
  4. Enter the email address then tap Next (upper-right).
  5. Enter the password then tap Next.
    Nota If prompted, review the disclaimer then tap Accept.
    Nota Si no detectan automáticamente las configuraciones de la cuenta, es posible ingresarlas de forma manual (comienza con el paso 3).
  6. From the Description field, enter a name (e.g., Live, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).
  7. Tap the On/Off switches to enable Indicador On o deshabilitar Indicador Off any of the following sync settings:
    Nota The available settings may vary depending upon account type.
    • Sincronizar email
    • Sync Contacts
    • Sync Calendar
    • Sync Tasks
  8. Tap Done (upper-right).


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