Move Pictures / Videos to Device - Samsung Brightside™

This helps you move or transfer picture/video files between your device and a computer/PC.

Only DRM free / unprotected video can be transferred via this method. DRM protected content won't play on this device.
Picture/video files can also be transferir del dispositivo a una computadora.
  1. Conecta el dispositivo a una computadora usando el cable USB provisto.
  2. From the phone, ensure USB Mass Storage Mode is enabled.
    1. From the main screen, navigate: MENU > Settings & Tools > Tools > USB Mode.
      Nota Utiliza el dispositivo de navegación de 5 direcciones para resaltar y el botón OK para marcar tu selección.
    2. Select USB Mass Storage.
  3. From the computer, launch File Explorer or Windows Explorer, or Finder.
    Nota For File Explorer or Windows Explorer, press the Windows+E keys ( logo de la tecla windows+E) using the computer keyboard.
    Nota For Finder, click the Finder icon located on the dock.
  4. From File Explorer, Windows Explorer, or Finder on the computer, create a new picture/video folder in Removable Disk (X:).
    Removable Disk (X:) representa la tarjeta SD instalada en el dispositivo. Este nombre puede variar.
  5. Use the computer to copy picture/video files into the newly created folder.
  6. To further organize files, create a subfolder in the newly created folder and copy desired files into it.
  7. Desconecta el cable USB de la computadora.